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Open Letter to Chris Matthews Re: That Tool Frank Gaffney

October 23, 2009

Dear Chris,

Please stop having Frank Gaffney on the show. This man’s sole purpose is to say outrageous and factually unsupportable things to muddy-up the waters and inhibit any real debate that might actually enlighten and benefit your viewers.  Not only does he make unwarranted personal attacks, like he did the other night with Ron Reagan, but he has spouted absolute idiocy such as:

Why does he merit a place in the spotlight with a national audience? It seems all he has to do is claim that the main stream media are covering-up these stories, and – bingo! – he’s got a platform. If I rant and rave long enough about the MSM ignoring the clear evidence that Michael Steele is a mole, planted by the DNC to destroy the GOP from the inside will you bring me on the show? 😉

I know he is not on because you agree with him; and I support the goal of balanced debate; but this man has nothing substantive to contribute. Please don’t inflict this horrible man on your loyal viewers again.

Thank you.

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