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Libertarian EPA & OSHA Policy: “Sometimes Accidents Happen”

May 21, 2010

Rand Paul appeared on Good Morning America today to continue digging himself out of the mess his Libertarian views have made for him on Civil Rights. (See yesterday’s post.)

Unfortunately, Dr. Paul thought this was also a good time to pivot away from that topic and take on the President. On substantive policy, you ask? No. About being “un-American.” Paul is troubled by the unAmerican tone of President Obama criticizing oil giant, British Petroleum. Apparently, real Americans don’t criticize business. Besides, what could BP have done to prevent the deaths of their workers or what looks to be shaping up as the worst spill in history? Paul thinks what we definitely don’t need is “the blame game” because, you know, “sometimes accidents happen.”

Dr. Paul is looking to become a Senator in Kentucky, a state with a large coal mining industry. Just last month, two coal miners died in a roof collapse at a Kentucky mine; this was just a couple weeks after 22 miners died in the Upper Big Branch mine in neighboring West Virginia.  Paul addresses this tragedy with the same astounding comment: “sometimes accidents happen.”

Then, just for good measure, he goes on to trash the minimum wage as a job killer, all the while refusing to answer whether he would vote to repeal it if given the chance.

Wow. Rand Paul should be locked up in Gitmo: this media tour is just one long, seemingly endless, terrorist attack. (Well, at least it terrifies me.) Just imagine America if we ever succumbed to Dr. Paul’s worldview.

Discussion of the spill, Obama, mining, etc. begins at the 6:25 mark.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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