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That Crafty Michael Steele

August 4, 2010

Hip hop leader of the RNC, yo!

Oh, that Michael Steele! He has made so many flubs, slip-ups and faux pas that everyone just writes him off as a joke.  The left loves to laugh at his ineptitude, the right cringes when his name is mentioned, and all the while everyone agrees that his job is safe simply because he’s a black man in the GOP. I myself have on numerous occasions quipped that I believe him to a mole for the DNC.

So when  Politico broke the story today that Steele has been attempting to arrange meetings with foreign ambassadors it was greeted, for the most part, with a collective chuckle. That buffoon: foreign diplomats can’t donate to American campaigns and they can’t vote, so why would he waste his time? What a lamebrain!

Could it be that what was really revealed today is an attempt by the RNC to break campaign finance laws by soliciting support from foreign powers? Could this be another example of corruption? That certainly could be the case. But that crafty Michael Steele has curated his image as an incompetent nincompoop so well that the story is more, “Ha, ha! He can’t even do corruption right!” than “Aha! Scandal at the RNC!” I’m telling you, even if caught red-handed, this guy could get away with anything. He’s Teflon™, baby!

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