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Not Another UN Takeover Plot!

August 11, 2010

Apparently, the good folks over at World Net Daily have only recently learned of the International Baccalaureate program that “is making massive inroads into America’s public schools, with operations already established in more than 1,000 locations”! Already, you say? That’s odd, since the program started in 1968, but go on..

Worldview Weekend President and Founder Brannon Howse says the program is trying to train American students to embrace an anti-Christian worldview.

“This U.N. curriculum is extremely hostile to Christians. It’s hostile to American values and ideas and very big on humanism, redistribution of wealth, and very big on pluralism and that all religions are equal,” Howse told WND.

Howse says one of his radio program’s listeners is frustrated that there is no outcry from the public. [Michael Carl, World Net Daily – sorry refuse to link on principle]

In fact, the title of this piece is “They’re doing it: U.N. makes its move into your school.” I suppose it never occurred to “reporter” Michael Carl to research the IB program at all, for if he had, he just might have learned that it is a non-profit educational foundation, unaffiliated with the United Nations. (One exception: IB curriculum is used at the UN International School.) But no matter, that doesn’t detract from the nefarious plot to teach these UN-American topics to our kids:

“Math Studies curriculum explores problems concerning the weather, environmental protection, conservation and energy. … The statistics unit will examine a variety of problems from a global perspective, such as the disparity of wealth distribution between first- and third-world countries.”

The report says Latin students “will examine the ancient world as a sounding board to measure and compare the global issues in a modern world. Students will discuss the impact on the Roman world, as well as their own, of such topics as women’s rights, slavery and national imperialism.”

Pardon me if the above simply does not strike fear in my heart. So  I thought, “where is WND getting this nonsense? Slow “news” day, I guess.” In fact, that is exactly it, because a quick perusal of the web finds that this conspiracy theory has been tossed around by right wingers for some time now. Somehow, the theory goes, the International Baccalaureate endorses the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and by doing so this undermines the United States, and threatens to plunge us into totalitarianism.

The International Baccalaureate program has been an exemplary part of the educational experience for thousands of gifted students across the US (and yes, the world) for decades. It’s a terrible shame that the simple mention of the word “International” strikes such fear in the hearts of conservatives. Still, coming as it does in the wake of the fiasco of the Texas School Board curriculum changes (and numerous attacks in other red states) we should probably not be surprised.

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