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Politics, Lies and Videotape

October 7, 2010

Good afternoon and welcome to today’s installment of mid-term campaign ad analysis! (I’ve got to come up with a catchier name.) We’ve got three to review today. Let’s get started.

First up? We’re back to Nevada where the gloves have come off, along with any semblance of the truth in Sharron Angle’s campaign to scare the white folks out of their votes. Yesterday, I fact-checked Angle’s despicably racist “Thanks, Pal” ad for Alan Colmes’ Liberaland. Verdict? Not only was it on par with the ugliest race-baiting ads in history, it was also 100% bunk. Today, Sharron’s back for more with an ad called “Big Clue.” Spoiler: the punchline is Viagra!

There are three claims being made. First, that Reid supported a $787 billion failed stimulus plan. Sigh. Republicans this year love this argument, and yet, it’s been debunked for months. The CBO most recently credited the stimulus with saving or creating 3.3 million jobs. Could it have been more successful if it were even bigger? Absolutely. But only in alternative GOP La-La-Land is 3.3 million jobs a failure. (At the time of passage, the hope was for 3 million jobs.)

Second, Angle reiterates the claims from Wednesday’s ad that Reid voted to give “special” tax breaks and Social Security benefits to “illegal aliens.” I debunked these claims in my post yesterday. Pure poppycock.

Finally, the kicker! Harry Reid voted to spend your tax dollars to buy Viagra for convicted child molesters and sex offenders. I’ll let the Washington Monthly’s Steve Benen take this one:

Several months ago, after the House had already passed the Senate version of the health care reform bill, it was time for lawmakers to consider the reconciliation package. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), less interested in serious policy work and more interested in playing childish games, decided to try to bury the reconciliation measure in a flood of ridiculous amendments.

As far as Coburn was concerned, if his carefully-crafted amendments were approved, they could kill health care reform. If they were rejected, they could be used by odious candidates to deceive voters. So the right-wing Oklahoman pushed a measure, for example, to ban insurance coverage of erectile dysfunction drugs for convicted sex offenders. The Senate wisely dismissed the stunt and moved on.

But it was easy to think at the time, “Just watch. Some jackass is going to run an attack ad in the fall telling voters Senator So-and-so supported giving Viagra to child molesters.” [Emphasis mine.]

Hey, turns out Sharron Angle is that jackass.

Up next: everyone’s favorite witch has another ad! Inexplicably, she’s still claiming to be you. She also feels the need to tell us that she’s never attended Yale and isn’t rich. Enjoy:

Oooh! Look who’s been to the Sarah Palin School of Victimhood™! In an attempt to detract from the importance of revelations that Ms. O’Donnell has repeatedly falsified her educational background and misused campaign funds, she’s going to try the old “I’m just like you, we can’t let those snobby elitists with their fancy-schmancy Yale degrees win!” This fits right in with the rest of O’Donnell’s “campaign” which has devolved into nothing more than accusing the “liberal media” of “character assassination.” (As soon as she says “lamestream” the transformation will be complete. Sarah should be so proud!)

Our final ad? This one is from Christine O’Donnell’s Democratic opponent, Chris Coons. (The one who is quietly, but most assuredly, kicking her tail in the polls.) This is what it looks like when a candidate is not such a train wreck that their ads have to be all about them.

Did he just talk about issues and solutions? Why, yes, I believe he did.

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