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Glenn Beck: Drama Queen

October 8, 2010

Someone send that man a tiara! If we ever doubted it before, all doubt has been laid to rest today: Glenn Beck is a major drama queen. Beck used his radio show this morning to let his listeners know he’ll be taking a few days off next week to undergo medical tests. As his blog site The Blaze reported:

On recent broadcasts he’s discussed that he has been having problems with feeling in his hands and feet. Today he explained that “small fiber” issues may be involved but that testing will provide more understanding. “We don’t even know what all of the symptoms are at this point,“ he explained adding that he believes ”physical, mental and spiritual are all tied.“ By ”small fibers,” he was referring to the possibility of a small fiber neuropathy diagnosis. But that is just one possibility among many things that will be considered.

Glenn also said the listeners may have noticed a change in how he sounds on the air. He said he’s been having problems with his vocal chords and that doctors will also be examining this problem. [Scott Baker, The Blaze]

Okay. That in and of itself isn’t so “dramatic.” It’s also not at all surprising for a man with an admitted history of alcoholism to develop neuropathy; nor is it unusual for an on-air personality, with both a 3-hour radio program and a 1-hour television program each day, to develop vocal problems.

Here’s the drama queen part: Beck then went on to explain what’s really poisoning him – Progressivism, and his attempts to understand it.

I’ve been thinking about the doctor saying “we’re looking for toxins, we’re looking for poisons in your body,” I know what they are. For four years, I have tried to understand the mind of what I believe are monsters. It started with Walter Lippman, the first book that I closed and said “I can’t read this anymore” was Walter Lippman and it was about how they can breed better people and how there are undesirables. I never finished the book, that was the first one.

And for four years I have been trying to understand the minds of people that I … I think are so misled. And they are the exact opposite of what I have tried to be, what I want to be, what I strive for. But I have done it because I have to, I have to understand it, I have to see what’s… try to understand to explain what’s coming, what’s happening … not for you, but for my children.

I believe we can be better people. I believe in the American experiment. But I also believe there are very misguided people and I have been drinking that poison which others may not find poison but I do because it is exact opposite of me. And I have been … “that which you gaze upon you become” and I have been trying not to become that. And that is the internal struggle, and that is where I want to take it next. A warning to you and a… an ask for specific help on something, next. [emphasis mine]

I’m not making this up. Those are words straight from the man himself. Rather than keeping it to himself, or simply mentioning some health problems, or even acknowledging how his own lifestyle may have contributed, Glenn Beck makes this into yet another opportunity to attack the Left. Of course, it’s not the first time Beck has called progressive ideas “poison”, but it is the first time he has claimed a physical detriment from them.

That is because it is Glenn Beck who is ill. Others may study Progressivism, others may become ill; but only Glenn Beck becomes ill from studying Progressivism, because only Glenn Beck is sensitive enough! We should know that, we’ve certainly seen the tears. (Just ignore that jar of Vick’s.)


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