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Sarah Palin Whips Up a Big Batch of Word Salad

October 28, 2010
Mavericky Rogue in the Kitchen

Mavericky Rogue in the Kitchen

As much as I despise the impact Sarah Palin has had on the level of political discourse in this country; and as much as I would loathe to see her in any elected office ever again…I have to admit she’s sort of become my favorite guilty pleasure. The way she “refudiates” that “cackle of rads” is nothing short of comedy gold. Every time she opens her mouth, or her fingers hit the keyboard to tweet, I pull on my snarky pants and get ready for business. She’s just so fun to mock.

So imagine my glee when Sarah spoke at a recent GOP rally in Florida and this came out of her mouth:

Hearing Marco Rubio, you know, I’m thinking, when we consider this revolution, where it’s been proven now, in this last year, that really anything is possible in these campaigns, where Marco Rubio started and kinda taking on the establishment and mavericky, going rogue, you know, doing it. And I look at him and I think, you know, we kinda started a whole bunch of this stuff. So, very very proud and encouraged by Marco. [emphasis mine]

It’s so beautiful, there’s not even a joke to be made. Her words are the joke.

Update: Enjoy the video, via ThinkProgress, it’s even more hilarious with audio!

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  1. October 29, 2010 9:02 am

    LOL Thanks to KarenJ for capturing Sarah at her best. Think about this a minute, what better venue than Twitter for a woman who normally speaks in sentence fragments? 🙂

    I actually think she takes her speaking style from the inimitable James Brown:

    “Fellas, I’m ready to get up and do my thing
    I wanna get into it man, you know, like a sex machine man
    Movin’ doin’ it, you know
    Can I count it off? 1-2-3-4”


  2. KarenJ permalink
    October 28, 2010 1:11 pm

    If you think that blabber from Sarah Palin was laughable, how about this recent Tweet from her?:

    Nikki Haley proudly representing commonsense, work ethic & Mama Gizzlies in great SC debate last night! Won’t back down, rises to challenge!
    27 Oct

    and this one, where Palin anthropomorphizes the American Constitution:

    NPR & LSM: you’re shocked at public outrage over your censorship of Juan? This is what happens when our Constitution starts shaking her fist
    21 Oct

    and her not-very-presidential language here:

    Today’s a great day! Light shines on Left’s lamestream media lies & hypocrisy! Refreshing vindication 4 folks putting up w/ this crap 2 long
    21 Oct

    and a bullying, threatening Tweet to Jonathan Martin:

    Johnny, Johnny, Johnny…ya just made big mistake lying about Levin, Beck, Rush…U can lie about me, but taking on the Big Guns? Not smart
    21 Oct

    And the capper, ignoring her daughter’s 20th birthday in far-off LA:

    Happy Alaska Day! see:
    18 Oct

    Actually, in Palin’s Facebook post elaborating on Alaska Day Oct. 18th, she posted this to her daughter:

    P.S. And a very happy birthday to Bristol too!



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