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My Last Ditch Effort to Make You Vote (Open Letter to Progressives)

November 1, 2010

The following is an open letter to Liberals/Progressives

Dear Fellow Progressives,

Within 24 hours, we’ll all know just how bad this election was (or wasn’t!) The consensus is that Republicans will gain a minimum of 50 seats in the House, once again giving them control. All the polls say so, the writing’s on the wall…but the thing is: it’s not over. While all the ads have been produced, all the debates are done, and all the rallies are over, there is still the most important part of all: the actual vote. This time tomorrow, the fat lady may very well be singing for Democrats, but we’re not there yet. The question is: do you still believe?

Perhaps you don’t. Maybe you’re frustrated at the lack of movement on Gay Rights, or Immigration Reform. Maybe you aren’t satisfied with anything less than a Public Option on Health Care. Or, you could be extremely turned off by the administration’s actions on Guantanamo, the War in Afghanistan, or any number of other issues dear to Progressive hearts. Still, you’re faced with a choice. It may be the lesser of two evils, but it’s a choice you have to make as a citizen.

And don’t you go thinking that you can just choose not to vote – because that is a vote for the Tea Party fanatics, and the corporate-controlled Republican Party. Democrats consistently poll ahead of the GOP in registered voters. The doom & gloom we’re hearing about comes from the polling of likely voters. What that means, is that if Progressives just turn out and vote – we win! The flip-side, of course, is that if we don’t vote, we lose.

So what if you’re not thrilled with the Democrats? As Bill Maher said on Real Time Friday night,

Well, I hate my cell phone company. But I don’t replace it by rubbing dog shit on my teeth.

And yes, I make no apologies: in that metaphor, Tea Party-publicans are the dog shit.

If I’m still not convincing you,  let’s give Sam Seder a try!

I do still happen to believe. So much so that I’ve been working my fingers to the bone for the last year on campaign web production, PR and advertising content; on trying to push the truth out there via Twitter and Facebook, and blogging on multiple sites.  I’ve doubled down in the last couple months, hitting both the phones and the pavement for Get-Out-The-Vote efforts. This afternoon I posted my last pre-election blog for Alan Colmes. It ‘s about the many ways a GOP win tomorrow will bring ruin upon our economy. My post isn’t hyperbole, but it is scary.

Whether it takes fear or hope, take whatever inspiration you need and get out there and vote; pick up the phone and urge others to vote; and remind at least a few people to vote tomorrow, because people really do forget to vote. As hokey as it may seem now, we are still the change we’ve been waiting for. Don’t give up now. Just vote.

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  1. November 2, 2010 8:39 am

    As I just tweeted this morning, if we lose this thing today we have no one to blame but ourselves. A big turnout will prevent a Boehner led Congress. Simple as that.

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