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December 16, 2010

There go the Republicans!Is there a better political blogger in America today than Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly? In my estimation, no. In a post this morning about Mike Huckabee’s sudden amnesia regarding his formerly reasonable position on cap-and-trade, Benen beautifully summed up what has happened to the Republican Party in the last two years:

The point, of course, isn’t just that the Republican mainstream has shifted sharply to the right, it’s that the mainstream has fallen off a right-wing cliff with surprising speed. Positions that were widely accepted by Republicans just a few years ago are now considered communist plots to destroy the American way of life.

This refers to the party’s collective amnesia that they ever supported such communist conspiracies as cap-and-trade, an individual mandate for health care, or the START treaty. Chalk it up to Tea Party influence, hysteria over a black President, or just an over-reaction after losing the White House so spectacularly in 2008 – it has been a sight to behold.

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