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No. Republicans Don’t Care What Voters Want – And They Really Don’t Care About Animals

March 12, 2011

There’s a lot of talk about conservatives being the “true” majority in the US, and representing the wishes of “real” Americans. Please contain your surprise as I give you further proof that it’s all a lie…

In November, Missouri voters approved Prop B – a measure aimed at ridding the state of its reputation as the nation’s puppy mill capital. While the Tea Party vociferously objected, the public decided that adding some basic humane protections for these animals would not be too much for breeders to bear. Protections such as:

  • The requirement that all dogs be fed every day
  • That they be sheltered indoors, with free access to outdoor exercise
  • That the dogs receive yearly vet exams
  • And that females not be bred more than twice every 18 months

Unfortunately for these animals, and Missouri voters, these same Tea Party types who vehemently opposed Prop B saying it’s, “just another example of big government meddling in people’s lives,” also made big gains in the Missouri legislature during the same election. Naturally, these newly elected representatives of the people can be counted upon to uphold the will of those same people, right?

Bwahahaha! Of course not. These are Republicans, after all. The new standards have yet to even take effect, and the Republican-controlled legislature is preparing to repeal the law.

Saying the new requirements would put the dog breeding industry out of business, the state Senate voted 20-14 on Thursday for a wholesale rewrite.

On the cutting room floor: rules limiting kennels to 50 breeding dogs and requiring annual hands-on veterinary exams and larger, ground-level cages with access to the outdoors.

Missouri Democratic Governor, Jay Nixon, has yet to actually say whether he would sign the repeal.

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