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Westboro Baptist Targeting More Dead Children

March 13, 2011

Hateful jerk - smiling at the thought of dead kidsJust last week on the radio show I co-host with fellow blogger Rutherford Lawson,  I found myself defending the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church. Yes, to insure freedom of speech for all, we must protect it even for the most heinous amongst us. And when you talk about heinous, hateful speech – there is simply no better example than Westboro Baptist Church.

I respect the Constitution. I believe the freedom of speech guaranteed in the First Amendment is a cornerstone of liberty, and is one of the things that truly do make this country great. But… as if targeting the funerals of fallen soldiers to make some insane point about the “evils” of homosexuality isn’t bad enough, Fred Phelps and his band of hate-filled, inbred morons have now decided to picket the funerals of seven Pennsylvania children who died in a recent house fire. The children are siblings, seven out of the eight children of Ted and Janelle Clouse.

That’s right. The Westboro freaks have escalated from traumatizing families who have lost an adult member who chose to go to war, to attacking a family devastated by the tragic and unexpected loss of seven children.

Why would Westboro do this? Well, besides the fact that that they are simply a bunch of publicity-seeking assholes, the Westboro group is punishing this ravaged family because the man who brought the suit against the “church” which ultimately led to that Supreme Court decision, Albert Snyder (whose own son’s military funeral was picketed by WBC) is from Pennsylvania. Does he know the Clouse family? No. Does he live in close proximity? No (just the same state).  Does any of this make any sense in any way, shape, or form? No.

To be clear, this is not the first time Westboro has decided to target dead children. In November 2010, they chose to picket the funeral of an eight year-old Oklahoma boy because they viewed his accidental death as retribution for the vandalism they suffered while protesting at the funeral of McAlester serviceman Jason McCluskey the weekend prior.  Apparently, the Westboro god doesn’t go for “an eye for an eye” – he does “an innocent life for a couple of slashed tires.”

In the final analysis, I’m torn. I so wish to uphold the ideal of free speech for all. And yet, I so want to never see or hear another peep about these “people.”  … I was thinking exactly this to myself when I suddenly had the answer! I have since gone back and re-read the Constitution, particularly the First Amendment, (and for good measure, I re-read the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers) and I am reasonably certain that I am correct. Westboro and its members deserve NO First Amendment protections, because those only apply to human beings. Surely, the case can be made that Phelps and his clan long ago proved they lack any semblance of humanity.

Case closed. Shut them down.

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  1. nemo permalink
    March 13, 2011 10:21 am

    Unfortunately RATS has held you don’t have to be human to have 1st Amendment rights, corporations, and my guess is Westboro technically is one, have unlimited freedom of speech as well.

    Wonder when RATS will hold that this means they can really lie in ads?

  2. sauer kraut permalink
    March 13, 2011 10:08 am

    WBC also threatened to picket at the funerals of slain Amish girls a few years ago. People there were disappointed that they did not show up.

    The Clouse family lives in the middle of Perry County – a place where dueling banjos are rumored to play even at noon. People up there are outraged that WBC would even threaten to show up in this area known for its RWNJ’s, skinheads, extreme christianity adherents and Amish farms. If WBC shows up, the results will be ugly.

    • March 14, 2011 8:38 am

      Referring to sauer kraut’s comment; that would really be quite a contrast; a group of hate-filled people who call themselves Christians, and a group of people who really are Christians to the true sense of the word; the Amish.

      I remember how they forgave the man who killed their little girls. That was truly a fine example of how Christians are suppose to be.

      I do agree with Cassandra; no matter how despicable the members of Westboro Babtist Church has the right to free speech like the rest of us. That pastor and all his flock will some day stand before God and experience the same judgment they’ve had on everyone else. I will be looking forward to that day.

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