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The Ugly Truth: Wimpy Dems Giving the Game Away

July 6, 2011

The Ugly TruthThe Republican party long ago abdicated any responsibility for actually governing the nation, and committed to nothing more than a power grab to benefit themselves and the wealthy. Democrats, on the other hand, still seem to care about getting things done, however inept they may be at doing so. Unfortunately, this puts them exactly where the GOP wants them.

The latest evidence? As The Atlantic Wire reports today: “Medicare Cuts Could Help GOP Save Face in Debt Talks.” Yep! To get things done, it looks as though Dems are ready to not only betray their base and give up a valuable issue in the upcoming 2012 elections, but to help the hostage-takers “save face”:

A deal now that includes substantial Medicare savings–and thereby diffuses that political issue in 2012–could be a real asset for Boehner. Democrats have put options on the table representing close to $500 billion in 10-year savings from Medicare and Medicaid. This could be dialed up or down depending on Republican willingness to agree to more revenues, and by being so aggressive for “something big,” Obama is trying to make the GOP look small if it walks away.

Gotta tell you: I’m about ready to give up on the Democrats. Faced with a radical, implacable, eminently unreasonable opponent, Democrats never-the-less wish to appear centrist and reasonable. They repeatedly have passed on opportunities to get tough with the GOP and actually get things done that would actually be worth doing. They gave up on meaningful filibuster reform, on recess appointments to fill crucial judicial and administration positions, to forcefully use executive orders….I could go on and on…

And so here we are. Essentially, the wimpiness of Dems has left 98% of the American people unrepresented.  It reminds of this parable a friend recently shared:

A Democratic senator walks into a Republican bar. A Republican senator pulls a knife and demands the Democrat’s money. The Democrat hands over his wallet, grabs the knife and stabs himself repeatedly, screaming “Don’t hurt me!” as he falls to the floor. The Republican removes the cash, returns the wallet to the Democrat, kicks him in the head and says “It isn’t the money, it’s the principle.” As he heads for the exit he trips over his supine colleague. Headlines the next day read “Republicans decry Democratic obstruction.”
It’s truly sad.
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  1. Dustin permalink
    July 7, 2011 11:06 pm

    Fortunately, the GOP actually has solutions for our country.

    For example, Paul Ryan has a budget. Scott Walker is getting poor schools the funds they need, while cleaning our corruption.

    The dem senate has gone 8 million years since they passed a budget. The CBO can’t score speeches. They aren’t just wimpy.

    I’m a Republican, and I assure you I am committed to so much more than a power grab to benefit the wealthy. I want government out of the way of my life and your life. I know this is the best way for folks to prosper, have jobs, succeed, and be happy. Sure, that means wealthy people get to prosper more too, but the real point is so that everyone can.

    Obama’s policies have weakened the dollar by 12%, increased food stamp use by over a third, and generally just gotten government more in the way. If you take a second and realize your views of Republicans are hysterically unfair, you won’t be so sad.

    Join us, instead of hating us.

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