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“We Will Retaliate With More Democracy” (Updated)

July 23, 2011

Following a day of devastating violence, which appears to have been an act of right-wing domestic terrorism, Norway’s Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, had this to say:

We will retaliate with more democracy.

Imagine how different the world might be, how different the United States might be, had that been the response following the 9/11 attacks. What if, rather than succumbing to terror and unleashing a war without end, rather than the Patriot Act, rather than all the hyperbole and hatred…we had looked deep within and re-committed  ourselves to truly embracing and amplifying the promise of democracy and freedom?

My thoughts are with the Norwegian people at this time of mourning, with hope that they truly do retaliate with more democracy.

Update: PM Stoletenberg is apparently not the only adult in Norway.  Asked whether Oslo needs to develop better security, Oslo Mayor, Fabian Stang, responded:

I don’t think security can solve problems. We need to teach greater respect.
(h/t Glenn Greenwald

While Norway is not immune from the same types of anti-immigrant and even white supremacist factions seen elsewhere in Europe, they certainly must be doing something right.

Another quote from the Prime Minister:

If one man can display so much hate, consider how much love we can create together. 

The truly terrible part is that the attack on the Labor Party youth camp on Utoya Island was an attempt to decimate the future leaders and carriers of this very message.

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  1. Ola permalink
    July 25, 2011 1:34 pm

    “If one man can display so much hate, consider how much love we can create together.” – This quote is not from our Prime Minister, it is from a girl who survived the massacre at Utøya.

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