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Coke, Pepsi, and The Fundamental American Right To Kill Yourself With Stupidity

March 15, 2012

Coke, Pepsi - Pick Your PoisonThis past week, I watched the story of the cancer-causing ingredients in our favorite sodas first with alarm, then with relief, and finally, with a shake of my head.

For those unfamiliar with the story, a quick recap:

The facts are:

  • Testing showed that both Coke and Pepsi products, regular and diet, were using four times the amount of these chemicals deemed safe by the state of California.
  • The chemicals are linked to cancer in laboratory animals.
  • The state of California requires a warning label be placed on such products.

As you may imagine, all hell broke loose for the soda industry. Early last week, mainstream news accounts went big with reports of cancer risk in our soft drinks.  (We won’t even mention the flame retardant in the Mountain Dew.)

Once this hit the mainstream, Coke and Pepsi were both quick to announce a retooling of their formulas to reduce the amount of 4-MEI in their sodas. This allowed both the beverage companies to avoid warning labels in the state of California, and consumers such as yours truly to breathe a sigh of relief.

Here’s the part that drives me nuts: many consumers freaked out! Comment sections quickly filled up with people irate about this overreach of government, “forcing” Coke to change its sacred recipe. “Dang gubmint nanny state,grumble, grumble… regulating everything – just like our toilets!” Here’s a sample from a “Mr Galt” on a site called

Awesome! So glad to see that now that they have ruined every can of canned soup on the market, they are now moving on to soft drinks.

Ah, the joys of Marxist utopia! How I look forward to the health benefits from eating nothing but sawdust bread and rat meat.

Just to be clear, they’ve changed the production process of a coloring ingredient – nothing more. In fact, Coke was at pains to emphasize just this:

“We have asked our caramel vendors to modify their caramel fabrication process and use less 4-methylimidazole. However, this change has no impact on the recipe nor the product.

*Sigh* You’d think people would be grateful to science, consumer watchdogs, the beverage companies and yes, even the government, for ensuring that a potential threat to their health is eliminated (or at least reduced.) Silly me. I keep forgetting this is Amurika and real Murkins have a god-given, inalienable right to sheer stupidty.

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