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The Etch-A-Sketcher Strikes Again (Or: How to make Mitt’s campaign an even bigger joke)

March 23, 2012

In case you’re not familiar with him by name, Eric Fehrnstrom is the Romney campaign manager who slipped up and compared Mitt Romney’s plan for the General election to an Etch-A-SketchTM: just shake it up and pretend the extreme right wing positions of the primaries never even happened.  The fact that he still has a job is amazing, and attributable only to the fact that the Romney campaign desperately wants to laugh this off as a joke. No big deal. Nothing to see here, folks! Move along now…

And this, I can only guess, is why he makes the big bucks, folks. What a brilliant plan to deflect attention from the Etch-A-Sketch comment and  grab credit for being good for business! Genius. Sheer genius.

One wonders, though, if pivoting to Mr. Potato Head, a child’s toy with interchangeable facial features, really sends the message about consistency they’re looking for?

Then again, the spud’s maker, Hasbro, certainly has deeper pockets than piddly little Ohio Art, the makers of the Etch-A-Sketch. That’s Mitt for ya: always looking out for the 1%!


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