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Found: Fox News CAN Do Journalism!

March 24, 2012

Filed under: Wonders never cease

Republicans and their media supporters have been positively gleeful as gas prices continue to rise. (“Oooh, that Obama – his policies have brought this on, and he’s not even trying to do anything about it,” they say as they drool over the thought of $5 per gallon gas this Summer.) Some have even charged that Obama wants high gas prices as he heads into a fight for reelection.

To hear the Right tell it, the most precious of our precious freedoms is the right to guzzle cheap gas. (Conservation? What kinda pinko are you??) And don’t even get them started on the communist evils of mass transit…

But through this noise comes the clarion call of reality… Someone had to put the lie to this nonsense. Someone had to do some real journalism. Who would’ve guessed it would be Fox News?

Wait. That was from 2008? When George W. Bush was in office? But still, I’m sure truth is still truth, no matter the White House occupant, right?

Not so much, eh?

Thanks to the wonderful people at Media Matters for compiling these videos. (And for sitting through years of Fox News, so we don’t have to. ) 

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