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Would You Rather Eat or Frack?

April 2, 2012

To the long list of environmental and public health concerns, we can now add one more evil of hydraulic fracking: water is a valuable and finite resource that we might prefer to use for other things, like…oh, I don’t know….growing food?

I ran across the following in this morning’s Denver Post:

Front Range farmers bidding for water to grow crops through the coming hot summer and possible drought face new competition from oil and gas drillers.At Colorado’s premier auction for unallocated water this spring, companies that provide water for hydraulic fracturing at well sites were top bidders on supplies once claimed exclusively by farmers.

In other words, farmers can’t get the water they need to grow the crops to feed us, because they are being out-bid by companies looking to drill for natural gas using hydraulic fracking. One might expect that agricultural use would take some sort of precedence over the frackers, but you would be wrong. Because, you see, that would be regulating a market – and we can’t have that.

To truly grasp the absurdity, consider this: water is becoming even more valuable and scarce as we increasingly experience hotter, drier growing seasons. This is in large part due to climate change brought on by things like the burning of fossil fuels. And while the natural gas developed through fracking burns cleaner, research shows that natural gas will actually cause accelerated warming. (Thus exacerbating droughts and water scarcity.)

You can’t make this stuff up, people!

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