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Remember That Un-vetted Idiot John McCain Dumped On Us?

April 4, 2012

Joe the Plumber, aka Samuel WurzelbacherNo, actually I’m talking about the other one: Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher. Yes. Remember him? He’s the guy whose name isn’t really Joe and who isn’t really a plumber

In 2008, Joe was just another ill-informed, Fox-News-watching, GOP voter when he was caught on tape asking an ill-informed question, based on a pipe dream (get it?), of then Presidential candidate Barack Obama. That’s when the desperate campaign of Senator John McCain thrust him into the spotlight, granting him his 15 minutes of fame.

But, like so many ill-informed remnants of the defunct McCain campaign, that 15 minutes seems like it may never end. Unsurprisingly, Joe (who was never a licensed plumber in the first place), has never quite got around to starting up that fabled plumbing business. How could he? He’s been too darn busy!

After the dust of the 2008 campaign finally settled, “Joe”  became a “writer“, a “war reporter“, and  even briefly considered a career in country music. Ultimately, it seems that Joe’s main source of income for the last two years has come from speaking  for lobbying groups and political causes, many of which are funded by corporate interests.

And now? Well…now he’s the official GOP nominee for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District. That’s right, folks, “Joe” could soon be plumbing (he he) the depths of D.C. politics.

This brings up a few interesting tidbits. As a candidate for office, Joe has had to file financial disclosure forms. As reported by Lee Fang at the Republic Report:

The disclosure forms reviewed by Republic Report indicate that Wurzelbacher has forgone plumbing for a career as a political speaker, one closely tied to special interests that might be looking for payback if Joe the Plumber becomes Joe the Congressman. The closest Wurzelbacher came to professional plumbing in the last three years was a speech to Wolverine Brass, a toilet-making company. He was paid $6,000 for the speech.

And thus ends another tale of how a “regular Joe” could go to Washington and not change a gosh darn thing.

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  1. April 15, 2012 8:18 pm

    All 50 states in the U.S. require Barbers to have a License to cut hair but not all 50 states require plumbers to have a License. Ohio is one of them. Joe the Plumber says he is a Plumber but he don’t have a License. Ours is at the top of our Website.</ Joe's is not to be found!! Who knows where his is! As far as we know he don't know crap about Plumbing. Even if the though the state doesn't require you to get one. You still have to get one from one of the towns or you can't legally work in them. I think it is lazy on the States behalf to say well we are not gonna give them a License at the State Level and we will just give the Towns and Cities the power to License them and decide weather or not they should require a License or not. Sometimes the towns say " well the state doesn't require a License so why should we"? Next thing you know you got a bunch of people Practicing Plumbing on Commercial Jobs and in big building who don't know what they are doing and are not qualified. I feel for the State in the future because they are gonna end up having some pretty bad issues before the law changes. Right now any of the towns can give out Plumbing License if they decide that they want to require that Plumbers be Licensed in their town and they can give the Exams and stuff like that. Basically if you know the right people I'm pretty sure it won't be hard to get a License. Its very obvious that it is something that should be handled through the state.

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