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What Do Tax Breaks For Millionaires Really Cost? [Infographic of the Day]

April 6, 2012

Your Infographic of the Day, courtesy of the good folks over at National Women’s Law Center:

What could we do with $143k?

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  1. April 6, 2012 9:48 am

    Rather than encouraging dependence on the government we should encourage self reliance. To hire an employee requires taking a risk and investing money in that person. If a business does not know if it will ever see a return on that investment, they will not hire employees. If a business feels that the government will continue to tax them and take their profits, they will not bother growing their business. If parents had jobs that paid well, they could support themselves and their children. If seniors had been responsible and saved money responsibly, they wouldn’t need the government to support them. When you let your government support you, you are at their mercy. If times are tough and even the government cuts back, then you have your benefits and entitlements revoked through no fault of your own. The only way to ensure your safety and well being is to take responsibility for yourself. You cannot lift up the poor by dragging down the rich. When average people are taxed less, they spend more because they can. The same happens with rich people and businesses. It always produces jobs.

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