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Picks o’ the Day 4.10.2012

April 10, 2012
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Your hapless intrepid reporter is still traveling the wilds of New Mexico. I’ve got stories, but they’ll have to wait ’til time permits! For now:

Today is Tuesday, April 10th, 2012. Here are your Picks o’ the Day.

Wonkette Reports: Breitbart paid O'Keefe $65k for ACORN 'sting'

Wonkette schools us all on “journalism”: James O’Keefe Depos: Breitbart Paid Pimp, Ho Mad Cheddar For ACORN Videos (Wonkette)

Sally Kohn is no John Derbyshire: ‘The Talk’ With My White Daughter (Sally Kohn – Colorlines)

File Under: What Could Possibly Go Wrong??  Will Drones Go Nuclear? (The Diplomat)

Interesting: Announcing Our Newest Hire: A Current Fox News Channel Employee (Gawker)

Newt Gingrich Writing Rubber Checks: Newt Gingrich stiffs Utah (Salt Lake Tribune)

And … Arizona Declares You Pregnant 2 Weeks Before Conception (HuffPo)

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