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Surprise, Surprise! Ann Romney Just As Cynical As Mittens

April 16, 2012

Aww...poor Ann Romney!  - - - Let's give Mitt some money!For any of you who felt even the slightest twinge of empathy for that nice, sweet, simple Ann Romney after last week’s vicious attack by the stay-at-home-Mom-hating Hilary Rosen, let’s pause for a moment and take a closer look at Ann.  While Mrs. Romney may have “made a choice to stay home and raise five boys”, we’re not exactly talking about a life of struggle and economic hardship (despite her claims to the contrary.) Still, the Romney campaign, desperate for anything that might win over a few female voters, jumped all over the kerfuffle.

Raising kids is hard work! How can anyone dismiss that choice as anything other than work?? (Well, it seems, Mr. Romney, for one. That is, at least if  you’re not wealthy enough to make that ‘choice’.)  Besides, we all know that it’s just not right to go after the family of a politician — they’re just innocent bystanders, right? You tell me. Here’s what “innocent bystander” Ann Romney had to say about the whole Hilary Rosen incident during a closed-door fundraiser in Florida:

“It was my early birthday present for someone to be critical of me as a mother, and that was really a defining moment, and I loved it,” Romney said. (HuffPo)

Wow. She really sounds broken up about the whole thing, doesn’t she? Before you start to fall back into the campaign’s depiction of Mrs. Romney as nothing more than a loving mother caught in the line of fire, let’ s examine her history in the political spotlight.

Turns out, Ann Romney has a history of being clueless about the lives of real women. (Even those who actually choose to stay home with children.) In 1994, the Boston Globe conducted a lengthy interview with Mrs. Romney — and she did not come out looking any more “in touch” with real people than her husband does today.

The Wall Street Journal has dredged up this interview. It’s behind a paywall, but here are some highlights, via Gothamist:

  • “I wasn’t interested in academics till college. I was more interested in riding my horses, and I was extremely athletic. I played field hockey, lacrosse, basketball. I swam, skied, played tennis and even now, I exercise three times a week, aerobics, muscle toning, and I play tennis at Belmont Hill Club.
  • Ann Romney was critical of her weight: “Don’t ask about it. I won’t answer. I’ll tell my age, but not my weight. A woman’s weight is always more than she wants it to be. I’ll tell you what my ideal is. I’m 5 feet 8. In college, I weighed 117. That’s what I should be. But I’m never near that. I’m always shocked at how much I weigh. I’m thin, but not 117 pounds, so I’m not as thin as I should be.
  • When the couple was living in a basement apartment ($62/month) at Brigham Young, “We were happy, studying hard. Neither one of us had a job, because Mitt had enough of an investment from stock that we could sell off a little at a time. The stock came from Mitt’s father. When he took over American Motors, the stock was worth nothing. But he invested Mitt’s birthday money year to year — it wasn’t much, a few thousand, but he put it into American Motors because he believed in himself. Five years later, stock that had been $6 a share was $96 and Mitt cashed it so we could live and pay for education.”
  • When Mitt was at Harvard (remember, he did go there for a joint MBA/JD), Ann said, “Another son came along 18 months later, although we waited four years to have the third, because Mitt was still in school and we had no income except the stock we were chipping away at. We were living on the edge, not entertaining. No, I did not work. Mitt thought it was important for me to stay home with the children, and I was delighted.
  • Their last argument was when she was 17: “We did have one argument, but it was before marriage, when I thought he was being too possessive, when I wasn’t really understanding that he was just so in love with me and so committed. I was 17, and we had a real argument. But that was the last one. Isn’t that strange? It’s like people might think there’s something wrong with our relationship.

This, gentle readers, is the person the Romney campaign is counting upon.

(h/t to pal Marta Evry (@Venice4Change) )

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