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Tax Tips With Mitt!

April 16, 2012

Tuesday is the deadline for filing your 2011 taxes. Are you still struggling to get yours completed? Do you wish those numbers were a bit more friendly? Luckily, the Tax Justice Institute has done an exhaustive study of Mitt Romney’s tax returns (at least the few he’s willing to share) and they’ve put together this handy chart so that you, too, can pay next-to-nothing!  While it may be a tad late to put these helpful tips into practice this year, get started now — and your 2012 taxes could be a lot less painful.

Mitt Romney's Tax Plan Checklist (For The Super Wealthy)

And remember, folks, those are just the tips we can glean from the extremely limited disclosure Mitt thinks the public deserves to view. Just imagine all the gems to be found in the years he won’t release.

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