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Dear Dick, How Would You Choose A Running Mate?

April 23, 2012

CNN’s Political Ticker reports on Dick Cheney’s remarks from a student event at the Washington Center.

“The thing that I think is important to remember is the decision you make as a presidential candidate on who your running mate’s going to be is the first presidential level decision the public’s going to see you make. It’s the first time you’re making a decision you’re going to have to live with. It gives the public a chance to see you operate and see what you think is important, what kind of individual you choose to serve as your running mate, what are the criteria.”

Cheney said making a vice presidential decision in order to leverage key voting blocs was a mistake, saying it ignored the position’s most vital duty.

“I think the single most important criteria has to be the capacity to be president,” Cheney said.

I can’t be the only who finds this funny, can I?

After all, it’s coming from the man who led George W. Bush’s VP search, and ended up settling on himself. A man who had no voting bloc to deliver, even if it were a consideration; and whom, many would argue, served as a shadow president for W’s first term. I’m telling you, if he hadn’t just recovered from a heart transplant, I’d swear this was Dick throwing his own hat in the ring again.

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  1. April 23, 2012 3:43 pm

    Just one problem for Mitt: Republicans on the VP shortlist want to be there about as much as they want to have oral surgery. Chance Dagger has the whole story:

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