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Still Crazy After All These Years: The Phyllis Schlafly Story

April 23, 2012

Thanks for nothing, Phyll“American women are the most fortunate people who ever lived…” she said. “I’ve been to Africa; I have seen women having to carry their firewood on their heads. You don’t have to do that. But even the New York Times printed a picture of women in Africa doing their laundry in a river. We have all of these wonderful modern conveniences that men have invented for our pleasure.”

Adele Stan has a great piece on Phyllis Schafly up at Alternet this week. I highly recommend you give it a read.

Most famous for leading the fight to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment, Schafly also was instrumental in the creation and success of the Religious Right. In truth, were it not for her, the GOP’s war on women would not be what it is today. As atrocious as these ‘accomplishments’ may be, that’s still a pretty impressive career for a woman who decries women’s rights, no?

Honestly, though, some of the quotes Stan reports from one of the 87-year old Schafly’s recent appearances, might lead one to the conclusion that she’s not quite holding it all together these days. For instance:

Although the word “transgender” never came up, Schlafly contended that what feminists were really seeking was “gender interchangeability,” and they were confusing “little kids” by making them think they could choose their gender. “The feminist teachers think that little boys are just unruly girls,” she said, “and this is why many schools are abolishing recess, or they’re even building new schools without playgrounds….To try to make boys act like girls is very harmful to the little boys.” (Alternet)

Okay…. Or how about this gem?

The real problem with feminists, Schlafly said, is that “they just don’t believe that women can be successful.”

And that’s why they hate Sarah Palin.” (Alternet – emphasis mine)

And the coup de grâce?

“Equal pay is a communist idea,” Schlafly said. “We do not want equal pay.” (Alternet – emphasis mine)

Enjoy the crazy while you can, folks – – Phyllis and her ilk are quite literally a dying breed.

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  1. April 26, 2012 9:25 am

    She stuck her nose in Education and kept us from teaching values clarification to gifted kids in the mid to late 80’s. NOW LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE IN CONGRESS AND ON SPIN TV FAKE NEWS

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