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That’s Odd: Romney Pledges Budget Increases For Pentagon, Cuts For Veterans’ Services

April 23, 2012

Don't mind me -- I don't know what I'm saying!Proving he can out-GOP the rest of the Republican Party, Mitt Romney has proposed an even bigger boost to the Pentagon budget than even the most ardent defense-hawks have requested while simultaneously vowing to slash non-defense spending more deeply than even the ridiculously tightfisted budget from the House GOP. Yep — he’s tough, that Mitt!

Still, it does seem odd for a man who dodged service during Vietnam through his cushy Mormon missionary post in France to now be basically saying to those who did serve, and to those who continue to do so, that we’ve got plenty of money for war and all kinds of shiny new killing machines — just not for the people who serve. Boo, Mitt Romney, boo!

At a time when the backlog in VA benefits is unconscionably long, and when demand for those services is only increasing as troops return from Iraq and Afghanistan, Mitt Romney is proposing not to increase resources and meet the needs of   our service men and women, but to cut their funding by another 5%.

But don’t worry, shareholders and owners of  Northrop Grumman, Smith & Wesson, Haliburton, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, etc…etc…Mitt’s gonna take care of you!

On a related note, while taking the opportunity to avoid military service during Vietnam may not make Mitt Romney the worst person in the world, this recently unearthed story of a young Mitt ‘protesting the protesters’ in favor of the war and the draft might just qualify him:

Governor's son pickets the pickets

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  1. April 23, 2012 3:38 pm

    Here are some interesting numbers, particularly in light of Mitt’s pledge to strengthen the military after President Obama supposedly gutted it:

    Total number of ships: US: 2,384 Russia: 233 China: 972
    Total number of aircraft: US: 18,234 Russia: 2,749 China: 5,176
    Total number of aircraft carriers: US: 11 Russia: 1 China: 1
    Total military budget: US: $700 billion Russia: $56 billion China: $100 billion
    Numbers accurate as of 2011

    Chance Dagger has more on Mitt’s new-found love of all things military at

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