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From the “What’s Wrong With America” File: University of Florida Closes Computer Science Program, Expands Football

April 24, 2012

No, this is not a story from The Onion, and no, Forbes has not added a parody section:

The University of Florida announced this past week that it was dropping its computer science department, which will allow it to save about 1.4 million.  The school is eliminating all funding for teaching assistants in computer science, cutting the graduate and research programs entirely, and moving the tattered remnants into other departments.

Let’s get this straight: in the midst of a technology revolution, with a shortage of engineers and computer scientists, UF decides to cut computer science completely? ….

…Meanwhile, the athletic budget for the current year is $97.7 million, an increase of more than $2 million from last year.  The increase alone would offset the savings supposedly gained by cutting computer science. (Forbes)

At a time when the United States is increasingly finding it difficult to compete globally due to a shortage of graduates in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields, this is the kind of choice the flagship of Florida higher education makes? The brain…it hurts.

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