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Picks o’ the Day 4.24.2012

April 24, 2012

Today is Tuesday, April 24th, 2012. Here are your Picks o’ the Day.


2012 Pulitzer Finalist, Matt Bors, takes on the Trayvon Martin case

Mr. Speaker, you really should’ve thought this one through: The problem with Boehner’s logic (Steve Benen – The Maddow Blog)

Breitbart protégé & Planned Parenthood stalker at it again: Lila Rose’s Daring Expose of a Non-Problem (XX factor – Slate)

Mooooof! New case of mad cow disease found in dairy cow in California (AP via WaPo)

Sigh: FL Gov. Rick Scott Vetoes Funding for Rape Crisis Centers (Little Green Footballs)

O.M.G. Forgotten Couples Of The ’90s (BuzzFeed)

Oh, yeah — it’s primary night: The 5 Best Lists of Things to Watch in Tonight’s Primaries (The Atlantic)

Following NC’s Amendment 1? Proponents could not find a single ‘Pro’ Amendment One CEO in the entire state of North Carolina (Daily Kos)

You’re Welcome, In Advance! 10 gross green bathroom questions you never knew you had (Grist)

“Unfortunately for Romney, Obama’s real achilles heal with Democrats and independents – civil liberties – won’t be included in the barrage. The GOP will see to it that Civil liberties are a verboten subject.” “Obama Sucks” won’t be enough (William K. Wolfrum)

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