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Picks o’ the Day 5.03.2012

May 3, 2012
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Today is Thursday, May 3rd, 2012. Here are your Picks o’ the Day.

Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle, courtesy of

Genius! How Mitt Romney brilliantly summed up the GOP’s ideology in a single sentence (Jamelle Bouie – The American Prospect)

(BTW – the above is a perfect example of why you need to donate to TAP)

BOO! ‘If You Vote For My Opponent, Everyone Will Die’: A Historical Compendium Of Fearful Political Ads (Jason Linkins – HuffPo)

Science? We don’t need no stinkin’ science! WHY REPUBLICANS BELIEVE ANTI-GAY PSEUDOSCIENCE (Chris Mooney – Towleroad)

Flying in the face of reason: Romney Adviser: Al Qaeda Is Stronger After Bin Laden’s Death(Think Progress)

Hey, Paul Ryan! Eliminating Social Services Block Grant Would Weaken Services for Vulnerable Children, Adults, and Disabled (CBPP)

‘Dickiest’ Campaign Blog Post Ever?  What Could Obama Possibly Be Doing That Is More Important Than Joe The Plumber? (Wonkette)

Cue Outrage: Trayvon Martin, Kony 2012, L.A. riots — and now ‘hipster racism’ (LA Times)

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