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“Reverse Racism” and White People’s Entitlement to Be Dumb

May 7, 2012

A few days ago, Jamelle Bouie pointed readers to what he calls a ” phenomenal post on racism, mediocrity, and how white resentment exists to give people an excuse for their own failures.”  He’s right, this is definitely a post worth reading. The author, Doctor Cleveland at DagBlogexcoriates the work of  conservative journalist Naomi Schaefer Riley, published in the Chronicle of Higher Education, on why Black Studies should be eliminated.

The arguments Ms. Schaefer Riley makes are quickly dealt with and dismissed, and Doctor Cleveland moves on to the very idea of “reverse racism”:

Modern American racism masquerades as a defense of meritocracy. It is of course just the opposite. It is a defense of mediocrity and failure against genuine competition…

…But racism, and especially the anti-affirmative-action “reverse racism” canard, allows endless excuses for one’s own failures. Didn’t get into medical school? Blame some black student rather than your MCAT scores. Didn’t get into the college of your choice? Blame a black applicant. Never mind that the schools you didn’t get into are still positively packed with white people, all of whom got in just fine. The only explanation for your failure can be racial bias! Political correctness has taken away your God-given right to be a marginally-qualified student! But back in the bad old days, marginal white applicants who missed the cut knew that they had missed the cut. Now every white applicant gets to imagine him or herself as someone who would have made it, if it weren’t for those pesky non-white people (and to imagine those non-white applicants being incredibly underqualified). Every white kid who’s ever gotten a B in something gets to be at least a bubble prospect! It is self-esteem gold.

It is a fantastic post — and is today’s recommended reading.

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  2. suetiggers permalink
    May 7, 2012 5:05 pm

    the crud rises to the top (too often) ala 8 years of Bush and the devastation economically, judicially, spiritually…etc.etc.

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