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Glenn Beck Mad As Hell About GOP Complicity in Obamacare SCOTUS Victory

June 28, 2012

Glenn Beck – Still crazy after all these years

Hey, remember Glenn Beck? He used to be all over the place until he got a little too crazy for even Fox News. He’s still around, doing the yeoman’s work of a True Conservative™  on radio, the always entertaining GBTV (Glenn Beck TV) and his website The Blaze, of course — but most of us have been blissfully unexposed to his particular brand of crazy for many months.

Even though Beck and Fox both claimed at the time that their split was amicable and that Glenn just wanted to pursue other projects, I think the lie was put to that tale when Beck unloaded today on conservatives in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling upholding Obamacare. Saying that the GOP is “full of crap“, Beck continued:

Beck went on to share why he is “sick and tired” of the conservative movement and Republicans in general and why he is tired of going to CPAC and saying, “hey, brothers…progressivism is the disease and the people in the room all going, ‘yes, yes,’ but the power players behind the scene saying, ‘never again.’”

“I‘m sick and tired that they’re cowards. They’re all cowards,” Beck blasted. “They won’t come out and tell you what they really are. They won’t tell you what they really mean. They try to convince you we’re just like you. Bull crap. Bull crap. Tired of it.” (The Blaze)

If you aren’t immediately clear about how the Republicans are responsible for the stinging defeat at the Supreme Court today, you have to understand that it’s a disease. The disease of progressivism:

…Beck surmised that the reason for Roberts’ decision likely hinges on the pervasive nature of progressivism.

“Progressivism is a disease and it is in both parties” Beck said.

“Progressives are fascists.”

Of course, this is Glenn Beck, so there has to be some angle for him, and it’s this: he’s promoting an alternative to the annual CPAC gathering, FreePAC:

Beck then explained that FreePAC is about “people who believe in freedom, people who believe in small government, people who are not covert progressives, someone walking around in donkey outfits.”

“I could give a flying crap about the donkey. Take that party symbol and shoot it in the head. Done, done with it.”

He and his co-hosts continued their fiery rant, blasting “progressive” President George W. Bush for appointing Chief Justice John Roberts, the man who ultimately swung the decision on Obamacare in liberals’ favor. (The Blaze)

Remember folks, not so long ago this guy had a huge part on the national media stage.  This man had tens of thousands of supporters show up on the National Mall. Think about that and tell me why we can’t have a civil national dialogue.

**Please Note: The above descriptions of Beck’s on-air rant are related by his own website.

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  1. June 28, 2012 2:59 pm

    You know, I’m glad he’s not on Fox anymore and everything, but it’s just too easy to forget he’s still out there being utterly insane and preying on the weak-minded. Thanks for the reminder.


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