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BEARS! — Why The Religious Right Must Fight Climate Change

August 13, 2012

#1 Threat to America? Bears!I think I’ve finally found a compelling reason that folks on the Religious Right may finally come around on the issue of climate change. Yes, bears.

As you’re probably aware, climate change has helped to bring about this year’s drought. You’re also probably aware of the effect the scorching temperatures and lack of rain are having on our agricultural crops, insuring a rise in food and energy prices. Maybe you’ve seen stories of how the lack of water may shut down electricity production in the state of Texas. Heck, even the mighty Mississippi River has fallen to historically low levels, drastically hampering commerce.  But perhaps the most devastating danger has so far received little attention.

With their normal summer diet of greens and berries shriveled by summer heat or drought in many spots nationwide, hungry bears are rummaging through garbage, ripping through screens and crawling into cars in search of sustenance……

“This has been an interesting year for bears, especially in the Catskills,” said Jeremy Hurst, a big game biologist with the New York state Department of Environmental Conservation, referring to the mountain range north of New York City. “In multiple communities, bears have gotten into people’s homes, in some cases even when people were at home. Half a dozen to a dozen bears have been euthanized. More have been trapped and relocated.” (MSNBC)

What does this have to do with the Religious Right? As I’ve reported before, one of their leading voices, the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer, has long been aware of the curse of bears. Of course, in the past, Fischer has called for the killing of all bears — so that is likely to be his response this time, as well. (Kill the bears, don’t worry about climate change.) But one can always hope…

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  1. Chuck Wentworth permalink
    August 18, 2012 2:09 am

    Strangely, I think I’d prefer this to various state representatives trying to have creationism taught beside evolution, as a science, in schools. Don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer to have both points recognized as equally ridiculous, but if was forced to choose, I think I’d rather hear the nonsense about bears.

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