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Laughing At Paul Ryan

October 12, 2012

So…who won the big VP debate last night? Even though Wolf Blitzer and his CNN band of pedantic pundits would have us believe it was a draw, the national consensus seems to lean pretty heavily toward  Vice President Joe Biden. Joe had Ryan from the get-go on the facts; and unlike his running mate last week, was not about to let his opponent get away with blatant lies and distortions. It was a strong performance by Biden. Having said that, it is not likely to greatly impact the race, as VP debates seldom do. The most important impact of the debate is that Democrats have stopped panicking and pulling out their hair.

If you missed last night’s debate, though, you’ve probably heard one thing over and over today: that maybe Biden won on content, but he lost on style. Say what? The criticism is that Joe was a big meanie.  He laughed at poor Paul Ryan  — a lot. You know what? I laugh at people who lie to me, too.

So Joe laughed, he rolled his eyes — he even threw his hands up in the air. And he was right to do so. There’s no rule of civil discourse that demands any level of respect for a person so disrespectful of you that they lie to your face.

So today the right is beside themselves that the Vice President dissed their chosen one. Sour grapes, I say. We should all be laughing at Paul Ryan.

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  1. Karen Bennick permalink
    October 12, 2012 1:58 pm

    Ha Ha Ha. I do feel a bit sorry for someone who believes their own lies. The problem is that there are so many other people in this country that vote and believe what the RR team tells them. I am a recovering GOP so I recognize how hard it is to go against the party our father’s believed in, but this is no longer our father’s party. It is time to think for your self people and stop yourself from going over the cliff of destruction with the GOTP.

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