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Another Excited Female Voter For Romney!

October 19, 2012
Another excited woman voter for Romney

Another excited woman voter for Romney

I don’t doubt that Mitt Romney thinks he’s being magnanimous, maybe even progressive, when he touts his support for flex-time for women so they can get home and cook dinner for their families. It is progressive — in 1963. (Maybe Mitt should build a time machine and run for president there.) Unfortunately, when a woman asks you about pay equity and you spout off about getting home to cook dinner? Yeah, that’s a #fail. This is not to say that flex-time isn’t an important issue — but it’s an issue for men as well as women, and it’s about more than cooking dinner.

More importantly, though, this kind of thinking is exactly what leads to women’s inequity in the workplace. People who think like Mitt Romney believe that if a child is sick, dinner needs to be cooked, or someone needs to be home for the appliance repairman it’s the woman who will be seeing to it. So while Romney is showing how nice he is by letting the ladies take the time to tend to these familial duties, he is simultaneously saying they’re not cut out for advancement, and not deserving of higher pay. It is a profoundly old-fashioned viewpoint which continues to dominate the American workplace and limiting opportunities for women and hamstringing families.

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  1. Karen Bennick permalink
    October 26, 2012 5:23 pm

    The women of the USA have not had the vote for 100 years yet and women will lose the vote in less then that if we don’t reelect President Obama.

  2. October 19, 2012 7:38 pm

    I found his whole answer terrible, and didn’t even care about the “binders of women” abbreviation. What was terrible was that he did not address the core of the question, equal pay for equal work. What was terrible was that he told that ridiculous lie about asking for referrals to qualified women when, in truth, they were sent to him unsolicited. Yes, this endorsement of affirmative action struck me as odd, but this is Etch-a-Sketch hard at work. He also came out in favor of access to contraception that night. He’s the worst sort of salesman who will assure you of anything you want to hear. What was terrible was his thinking that he understood that employers will have to make accomodations when hiring women, like letting them go home to cook dinner for their families. Not only was that ragingly sexist, he said it with a tone that suggested it was analogous with accomodating disabled workers. Men, also, have to go home to cook dinner for their families. Cooking is not a gender-specific action – or does he think it is? Finally, most terrible of all, was his suggestion that he was going to drive the economy to such job growth that employers would have to hire women as they scrape the bottom of the barrel. That statement, more than any other, was the one that made me scream at the TV.

    • mikey2ct permalink
      October 27, 2012 2:51 am

      I agree with you. We need more women period in politics.There are some wonderful new voices in races for congressional and senate Check out Emily’s List.

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