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Fox News “It Girl” Just Wondering About Malia Obama’s Sex Life

May 3, 2013

Fox News radio host, TV pundit, and “It girl” Andrea Tantaros totally gets that talking about the President’s children is out-of-bounds. Unless, of course, they go on a snazzy vacation. Or if, you know, there is a proposed FDA rule that applies to birth control for girls and women 15 and older, and the President just so happens to have a nearly 15 year old daughter. Natch. That’s just responsible journalism!

Media Matters has the transcript (incredulous emphasis mine):

TANTAROS: I mean look, if the president is going to talk about his daughters, typically I would not talk about the daughters, unless, of course, they go to the Bahamas on spring break and we have to pay for it and I think it’s wrong, which I do. But they’re not grown women. So I’m just wondering, at 15 years old, is the Obama daughter, Malia, going to go on birth control? Are they gonna put her on birth control? Because he’s very concerned with the contraceptives and pharmaceuticals that are going in the mouths of everybody else’s 15-year old daughter.

But it’s definitely collectivism, right? “It takes a village.” Do you hear it, everybody? “It takes a village to raise your kids.” President Obama is now the parent-in-chief. Kathleen Sebelius is raising your kids. Joe Biden is raising your kids. Oh not even, it doesn’t stop there. It’s not kids. They consider 15-year olds to be women. They want to tell grown women what to do. They know how grown women feel. They have no idea how women feel. They should stop talking about it, because they have no clue.

Several things are wrong here.

  1. We didn’t pay for the President’s family to go to the Bahamas. We paid for their security detail. Just like we’ve done for every other first family in modern time.
  2. No one is forcing birth control on your kids. However, opposing its access comes pretty close to forcing babies on them.
  3. The FDA rule is actually a lame-ass political move calculated to show that the administration isn’t down with what the court (and science!) have said, which is that Plan B should be available over-the-counter to all ages.
  4. That whole “it takes a village” thing is Hillary Clinton – at least keep the source of your idiotic right-wing tropes straight.
  5. How, exactly, is making a form of birth control available without a prescription “telling grown women what to do”?
  6. And finally: What the f*ck?

(This post has been updated.)

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  1. dthorny permalink
    December 17, 2013 4:22 pm

    How exactly is opposing birth control forcing babies on you?

    As if NOT taking a pill or wearing a condom makes one pregnant.

  2. May 6, 2013 5:52 am

    The use of uninformed, scare tactics from a Fox News pundit… what a surprise.

  3. May 3, 2013 2:41 pm

    Reblogged this on FEMBORG.

  4. May 3, 2013 2:14 pm

    A president family shouldn’t be “off limits” and honeslty, never has been — excpet when Repb’s try to speak freely. Democrats never have a problem discussing Repb. family, their dogs, horses, SICK wives, wealthy children, etc. The Bush daughters were discussed quite often. And the fact that Obama has brought HIS kids into MANY a political discuss/ comments, is also relevant. And since under his ‘watch’ the FDA has lowered the age to get morning after pills to young girls!, is also relevant. MANY parents find it beyond appalling.

    Anyone in the country, at news stations, etc. is allowed by law to speak or discuss pretty much anything, even those things not approved by the PC crowd. Plus, she didn’t malign either of those girls — just made a point.

    And she never said “it takes a village” dropped out of BO’s mouth — but that is was “collectivism”, aka right out of the Communist Manifesto (check it out, it is. And conservataives knew that when Hillary was pushing it as something new and magical years ago) It doesn’t ‘take a village’, but a Mother and Father and thus, why that’s the ‘normal’, scientific way, to reproduce.

    I don’t see that mentioning the girls name was harmful to anyone — except the PC crowd.

    • May 3, 2013 2:30 pm

      Well, if you’d rather have young girls with babies than with birth control, you’re entitled to your opinion.Fortunately, the court and science have said otherwise.

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