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People Unclear On The Concept: Marco Rubio & Democracy Edition

May 9, 2013

Democra-whut?A couple weeks ago, Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R – Wrong Side of Everything) voted to block passage of expanded background checks for guns. This has not worked out very well for her, as she saw her approval rating plummet 15 points following the vote. Good thing she has Marco Rubio to save her! Rubio is vigorously defending her and calling upon supporters of his ‘Reclaim America PAC’ to support Ayotte. (And because if you can convert a political screw-up into political cash, why wouldn’t you?)

From Rubio’s Facebook linking to a petition to “Stand With Kelly”:

Senator Ayotte stood tall in her defense of American gun owners, now it’s time for us to stand tall in defense of her.

And the best part, from the petition itself:

Liberals just can’t get over the fact that their most recent attempt to restrict our Second Amendment rights was defeated soundly by the American people.

I do not think Marco understands what those words mean. That is, unless 46 senators now qualify as “the American people”; and unless the 91% of Americans who support background checks are all “liberals”. In fact, it could be argued that if “the people” had defeated the bill, Ayotte would be enjoying overwhelming support post-vote — instead of relying on back-up from Rubio’s PAC and a huge ad buy by the NRA.

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  1. May 9, 2013 10:42 pm

    Soundly defeated by as many as 46 votes against only a tiny minority of 54, might I add…

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