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Obama Picks A Fight?

May 24, 2013

Hey, over here!Perhaps President Obama is plain fed up with the Benghazi! nonsense and wants to see some Republican heads explode — or perhaps he just wants to get the best person for the job. It’s an open question as to why Obama has chosen to promote the woman at the center of the whole talking points memo brouhaha. CNN reports (speculation to follow):

The State Department spokeswoman who earlier this month found herself in the middle of the controversy surrounding key revisions to the Benghazi talking points appears to be in line for a promotion.

The White House announced Thursday that President Barack Obama intends to nominate Victoria Nuland as assistant secretary for European and Eurasian affairs, a position that requires Senate confirmation.

Oh my gosh, the arrogance! (Screams Darrell Issa into his pillow upon hearing the news.) At any rate, right-wing spots from Breitbart to Twitchy are properly outraged. And of course they would be, as they’ve fed on a steady diet of Benghazi! kool aid for nine months. As Kevin Jones wrote at Mother Jones, “Obama is waving a red cape in front of a bull here.”

But the truth of the matter is that once you read the email correspondence without the lens of GOP hysteria, Victoria Nuland simply did her job. Drum explains:

 In the Benghazi affair, Rice did nothing wrong, but she also did nothing especially noteworthy. Nuland, as near as I can tell, actually did yeoman work. The first draft of the CIA talking points was sloppily drafted and full of information that needed to be kept classified. Nuland firmly pushed back on this stuff, and eventually got it removed—which is exactly what she should have done. No good deed goes unpunished, of course, as I think we’re all about to find out.

One more thing: news of Ms. Nuland’s promotion comes amidst rumors that Obama will also be naming Susan Rice as his National Security Advisor. Good for her, I guess. She certainly got a bum rap the last time through the Benghazi! machine. Of course, you’d be foolish to think she’ll receive any kinder treatment this time. Oh, what fun this will be!

Actually, I don’t doubt the President wants to have the best people in these positions. But I also suspect that these selections are calculated to guarantee a GOP tantrum. Scandalmania has already hurt public perception of the GOP, and aided POTUS’s popularity, why would you let them stop now?

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