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Gun Nuts, Zombies and “The Walking Dead Actress”

June 8, 2013

The stories of these ricin letter attacks are strange, aren’t they? First, during the same week as the Boston bombing, we had the spectacle of an Elvis-impersonator being arrested for sending three letters to President Obama, Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, and a Mississippi judge. In the end, all the right-wing’s excitement that a registered Democrat was behind the attack was dashed when we learned he was actually framed by a Republican — a former GOP candidate for office (and child molester), no less.

Now, just weeks later, we have an arrest in a second round of ricin letters, this time sent to New York Mayor Bloomberg, his gun safety organization “Mayors Against Illegal Guns”, and President Obama. No Elvis impersonator this time, but we do have an “actress” who every headline writer in the country is calling the “Walking Dead Actress”. In reality, she’s more a would-be actress and model who has secured a few bit parts with shows filming in her home state of Texas. Turns out, she seems to have been trying to frame her own husband for the attack.

I don’t know quite what to say about the new trend in framing your family, friends and enemies by producing a deadly toxin with no antidote and mailing to it public officials. It seems not very well thought-through, but whatever. Since the arrest of Shannon Rogers Guess Richardson, many on the right have been 1) breathing a sigh of relief, and 2) screaming “Aha! Now you liberals have to admit it wasn’t some crazy gun nut!”

I won’t attempt to speculate on Ms. Guess Richardson’s political motives, if there are any. Chances are, since she’s in Texas, if she is registered, she’s probably a Republican. We’ll see. It doesn’t now appear that Guess Richardson is ideologically motivated. Again, we shall see as more info comes out. But for those relieved that it’s not some “gun nut”, I would just submit the following:

From her IMDB page

From her IMDB page

Maybe she’s a gun nut, and maybe she’s not. It probably depends on your definition of “gun nut”. But I’m not quite ready to let gun culture off the hook on this one.

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