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The Obamacare Plan For GOP Electoral Relevance (Or something)

August 7, 2013
How could you argue with the logic of a patriot?

GOPea Party demands a shutdown

You can take the Dick Armey out of FreedomWorks, but you can’t take the dick army out of FreedomWorks. (Or something. I’m working on it…) At any rate, I bring your attention today to a quote from FreedomWorks spokesperson Jackie Bodnar. Asked about Mitt Romney’s recent  advice to Republicans to rethink a government shutdown over Obamacare, Ms. Bodnar told Breitbart News:

“I would think Mitt Romney, of all people, would know that the Party suffers in election years when the issue of ObamaCare is taken off the table, not placed as the centerpiece.”

And this, I think, is telling. It appears to be FreedomWorks’ position that Mitt Romney lost the last election because he feared going after Obamneycare. It can also be inferred from this statement that any recent electoral success for the GOP has been entirely due to its opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

Coming as it does from an organization funded by corporate millionaires and operated by Republican party leadership and right-wing operatives, while specifically being tailored to look like grassroots opposition to Democratic policy initiatives, primarily health care reform, this is not at all surprising. After all, from their perspective, it worked in 2010. How else do you get a minority of the voting public so fired up that they show up in an off year election to sweep Tea Party banner-men into office?

So it is also unsurprising that those members of the House and Senate who feel themselves beholden to this faux movement are compelled to again (and again, and again) take up the fight against this most oppressive overreach of Heritage Foundation market-based approach to healthcare socialist social engineering. And who knows? Maybe they’re right, maybe they can rework the magic of 2010 in another off-year election. But somehow I doubt it. Not when that means a government shutdown. Perhaps they should also remember the lessons of 1996. Then again, that might be asking too much:

“The sort of cocktail chatter wisdom in Washington that, ‘Oh, the [1995-96] shutdown was a political disaster for Republicans,’ is not borne out by the data.”  [Sen. Ted Cruz, GOP über-genius]

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